Handsome Smooths Boxer Shorts Customer Reviews

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"This product is fantastic! Perfect fit and very comfortable!"
- Bob, Baltimore
"These boxers are excellent. Very comfortable and fit well. Highly Recommend."
- Darren, California
"My husband loves the pair of Handsome Smooths briefs he purchased at a resort in Florida. He wants more."
- Paulette H.
"To say I am a fan of the boxers would be an understatement!"
- Charles, Charlotte
"I've tried just about every type, style, fabric of underwear. HS's are the best. I'm a small framed guy and don't like bulk in my underwear. I also don't think tighty whitey's are cool...and I can't possibly pull off the euro-chippendale's look. So, I look for boxers that are comfortable, sized appropriately and the right kind of fabric. Most I've tried, for guys like me, are more like board shorts. As suit styles have become more tailored in the legs of the pants, it's not possible to carry that kind of bulk without the dreaded boxer-lines. HS's hit the mark in all categories and I would highly recommend them. They do run true to waist size, so if you're used to buying mediums because of comfort, go for the smalls and enjoy your new pair!"
- Craig, San Diego
"I ran across a small ad for Handsome Smooths and thought, what an inspired name for a brand of upscale men's underwear. So I tried a pair and was delighted. Originally, I bought them to wear when golfing--super comfortable under shorts and in hot weather. That quickly led to a decision that these would be great for everyday wear. To my suprise, they last forever. Special bonus--their customer service people are very responsive and do everthing they can for you to have a good experience with the brand. They have gone above and beyond for me. Two thumbs up, everybody!"
- Eric, Chicagoland
"I have been a fan of this company and these amazing boxers for years. They fit perfect, last forever, and are the most comfortable pair of boxers I have ever wore. I am big on loyalty, and because of Handsome Smooths product quality and the amazing customer service experience I will continue to be a fan for many years to come."
- Torey Palmer, Austin
"These shirts are the best ever. They keep you cool and dry (wicking I guess is what they say) during hot mid summer Florida rounds of golf. The next day they wear well beneath a beautiful suit. No catching. No lines. And yes in the heat of a board meeting you stay cool all day long! And my bride loves the look! I highly recommend adding these to your wardrobe and tossing out the 3 packs mom got you years ago!!! Lol"
- Skratch, Florida